Silver Rock Group “SRG” is a Boutique Investment Firm. Over the past 25 years we have, structured transactions, taken companies public, completed reverse mergers, and taken over public companies, acquired majority & minority stakes in public companies, and Invested in over 110 transactions, with a value of over $1 Billion. To maximize the returns for our shareholders and Co-Investors

where we have invested in over 60 companies mainly in the US, through Private Placements PIPEs, Pre-IPOs, Private Equity and Acquisition of minority & majority stakes in Public companies, as well as structured products and Convertible debts.

SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)

SRG is also concentrating on the SPAC space. Through our experience over 25 years of investing and structuring similar projects, this is a natural extension for SRG. We are leveraging our relations to form a division to address this area.

Silver Rock Group (“SRG”) is an active investor in crypto assets focused on the acquisition of utility tokens and security tokens through private placements, specifically in seed round, Series A, B, and C rounds, Pre -ICO / ICO / pre-IEO / IEO /.pre-STO / STO / secondary token offerings and other special investment situations.