• Silver Rock Group (“SRG”) is an active investor in crypto assets focused on the acquisition of utility tokens and security tokens through private placements, specifically in seed round, Series A, B, and C rounds, Pre -ICO / ICO / pre-IEO / IEO /.pre-STO / STO / secondary token offerings and other special investment situations.
  • SRG has collaboration agreement with crypto currency exchanges, blockchain event coordinators globally, institutional investors, and social media marketing companies in to assist companies to list their tokens on varies exchanges, provide market making services, enhance liquidity and access a wide audience generally through long term professional relationships.
  • In particular, SRG is seeking investments into Blockchain firms, where the target company has an experienced management team, innovative technology and disruptive technology to maximize returns and is floating a token that creates value.
  • SRG has diversified its investment strategy to include the purchase of cryptocurrency tokens. SRG is seeking issuers with innovative management teams and disruptive technologies operating in the blockchain space. SRG will negotiate the acquisition of tokens listed on exchanges via private placements. SRG has established an account with a regulated exchange with a network of wallets across multiple exchanges.
  • We have also established a collaboration with EMIREX a Crypto exchange catering the MENA region.